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The Conservatory & Window Factory Bioclimatic Solutions

The Conservatory & Window Factory incorporates these key factors into its Passive Energy products to assist the overall holistic building envelope solution.

We manufacture sustainable building solutions

Bioclimatic architecture is a way of both designing and manipulating the environment in the design and utilisation of our construction projects. Bioclimatic architecture refers to the design of buildings and spaces (interior- exterior-outdoor) based on local climate, aimed at providing thermal and visual comfort, making use of solar energy and other environmental forces.

The CWF Group has an extensive range of Bioclimatic solutions, considering all the elements of the building envelope in a holistic approach. The aim is to minimise energy consumption whilst maximising comfort of the occupant. We have products that will assist in the realisation of your project from “Passive House” to Passive multi occupational construction.

The term “Passive” has been associated to Bioclimatic Architecture since its inception. Passive buildings are designed, and built to ensure that they maximise the environments natural resources. Reducing overall energy consumption through “active” heating and cooling systems results in the “Passive” effect on the environment.

  • We offer a full suite of .8 U Value products, such as windows and doors, for your residential projects.
  • We offer a full suite of .9 U Value products, such as windows, doors and indeed curtain walling products, for all of your projects from housing to office developments.
  • We offer the latest in sealed technology systems, and also supplies all of the latest technology glass’s in the market place today.
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